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The best solutions for your crops

Summit Agro offers products for the prevention and protection of crops against different pathogens, environmental risks, and pest control, within the range of products that help protect both the environment and end consumers.


Large diversity of herbicides against difficult weeds

Summit Agro offers a wide range of high-quality and effective herbicides, with a good ecotoxicological profile, offering ground-breaking solutions for sustainable agriculture.


Commitment to people and the environment, Be Green.

The biggest challenge implies developing products for crop protection which are increasingly effective but which at the same time properly protect those who apply them, consumers of the end products, and the environment. In this regard, Summit Agro created BE GREEN, a new way of thinking about crop protection, with minimum environmental impact.


Our goal is to be a global organization, which anticipates to changes at all times, creating new values, contributing broadly to society.

The same philosophy once born in Japan, bears fruits in Argentina. Summit Agro is a company of the Sumitomo Corporation Group, one of the ten largest companies in Japan, which is present worldwide. Its corporate strength and global presence allow us to develop and quickly adapt cutting-edge technologies for our crops. The “Management Principles and Operating Guidelines” are the key values of the company.

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